Social Media: LGE Community Credit Union

LGEfacebook“When LGE decided it was time to get into social media, we had no idea how to start. Marketing Partners helped us with the campaign by creating and maintaining our Facebook page.

In just under a year, we have reached over 700 “likes” and increased the number of interactions every month. Marketing Partners has been very responsive and has systematically and effectively communicated our key messages on a regular basis. The social media team was very easy to work with, had many creative ideas, and proved to be very knowledgeable about the social media landscape. They offered us ideas and suggestions for increasing our Facebook presence.

They also spearheaded a successful sweepstakes program for us, which led to over 100 new “likes” in less than four weeks.

I highly recommend them to any credit union wishing to establish a social media presence.”

Stephen Cohen,
Vice President Marketing
LGE Community Credit Union


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