Youth Program, cha-ching!: Discovery FCU

“Discovery Federal Credit Union was very excited to open the first student-run credit union branch in Berks County two years ago. We carefully branded it to match the school’s colors and mascot, and even created a special account named after the mascot. We thought it would be a great success, only to discover that we blended so well into the school’s branding and theme, it was hard for students and staff to tell us apart from school-branded organizations such as the school store!

So, in our second year of operation, we completely re-branded the student branch using the cha-ching!SM program we purchased from Marketing Partners. The bright colors and eye-catching cha-ching! logo grabbed the students’ attention, and gave us an excellent opportunity to initiate conversations with them.

Using the cha-ching! program offered by Marketing Partners, we estimate that our membership has grown 14% in the 13-18 age range since our student-run branch opened. We now have over 600 members in this age group!”

Tara McQuillen,
Director of Marketing
Discovery Federal Credit Union


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