Website Trends: Enhancing Engagement

websiteThe first point of contact with members is most likely your website. It is the virtual branch, equally important as your physical branch location(s). Providing out-of-this-world member service, while maintaining brand alignment, may be buoyed through these popular website trends:

Video: The ultimate tool to engage your website visitors and keep them on your site longer! Video can be effective when using everything from high-end studio-produced segments, credit-union-made clips and even licensed content. The video mix will depend on your budget and should be relevant to your credit union, as well as your field of membership, to support your overall marketing strategy.

Personalization: A key element to building member loyalty is enhancing members’ online experience. Incorporating online personalization provides a targeted, unique end-user experience. When website users sign in to your site, they benefit from timely product offers, while the credit union benefits from mapping users’ behavioral and demographic information.

Polling: Most credit unions conduct member surveys annually or bi-annually, but how do they gather information in the meantime? Online polling has become more popular with end users and is a great method to collect information about member preferences and behaviors. While limited to one or two questions, polls add another element for interaction with website visitors and keep your website fresh and interesting. Why not mix in some fun questions while asking members about their banking preferences?

Graphics: While it may seem that the sky’s the limit with graphic images, consideration of the end user’s browser choices and download times is more important. Choosing the right graphics can improve the length of a site visit, as well as lead to better interaction when linked correctly. Infographics, the visual representations of information, are increasingly popular. Credit unions should consider leveraging this trend in their quest to educate members, as well as educate the general population about the industry.

Chat: Your virtual branch should not overlook the importance of one-to-one contact with visitors. Including online chat capabilities may keep website visitors engaged for longer periods of time and can result in more services per member. Chat sessions can lead an end user to a piece of information more quickly, guide an online application process, arrange for a phone call and so much more.

Mobile: Mobile websites make your credit union’s virtual branch easier to use by adapting your information and design to be viewed on a smaller screen. They also incorporate user-friendly navigation for smart phones and usually incorporate only the most important or most popular information. Mobile websites can engage members, wherever they may be, through a hand-held device.

Time To Redesign?

When was the last time you updated your website? If you can’t remember, it’s definitely time! Your members will benefit from enhanced interaction from the most popular website technologies.

Click here for a look at just of a few of the websites we’ve infused with new design, technology and communication channels.

To learn more about our website design process and how to improve your site, contact us today at 888.641.1215 or e-mail Better yet, get a head start by filling out our website questionnaire. You’ll receive a free evaluation of your existing site and learn how MPI can help define your goals and expectations.


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