We Love Newsletters

Why? Because they’re still important for member communication. Of all the marketing vehicles available to credit unions today, nothing reaches prospects quite as well as a branded, creatively designed publication of news members can use. In addition to delivering sales messages and promotions to an established membership base, newsletters also offer a chance to showcase community involvement and member achievement. They’re Marketing, Public Relations, Record of Compliance and Announcement all rolled into one.

curatorThe (Missing) Link To Members

From its humble beginning of keeping members abreast of financial reports and information concerning the goings on of staff and the Board of Directors, credit union newsletters have evolved into an essential sales tool, now designed for broader appeal. Unfortunately, financial restraints and rising costs have seen newsletters pushed to the bottom of the list of priorities in marketing budgets, as if they were ancient relics of bygone days. Before allowing your credit union’s newsletter to become extinct – or if you’ve already put your resources elsewhere – consider this:

  • Newsletter mailing lists are also prequalified prospect lists – Recipients are already signed on and have accounts.
  • Opportunities are created to cross-sell relevant products.
  • Direct mail is still highly preferred for receiving promotional information. In fact, 65% of people who receive direct mail have made a purchase or engaged in a different marketing channel as instigated by the sender.¹ In other words, using mail pieces to advertise URLs helps push readers to specific web addresses within your website, like online applications and current rates.
  • The use of QR Codes and promo codes help track and provide strategic measurement of success.
  • Greater emotional processing is involved with physical rather than virtual media.² What could be more relevant to “People Helping People” than the print version of your credit union’s voice and personality?

Controlling Costs

MPI has addressed the growing concern of cost by offering a variety of layouts that downsize the overall design, but still pack a punch with custom graphics, precisely-edited content and financial education articles that relay timely trends to your readers. We even make content selection easy with our “Pick, Click and Send” electronic organizer. Why use mass-produced templates and canned content when you can leave everything to us? We’ll write and produce a polished, professional communiqué you’ll be proud to distribute and your members will be delighted to receive.

Still pondering costs? Rather than eliminate monthly or quarterly communication altogether, any newsletter design can be converted to HTML to be delivered electronically through e-mail or uploaded to your website. Not only is this a budget-friendly alternative, these versions are clickable to web pages and still contain the same great eye appeal as our print versions. eNewsletters can be optimized to deliver across most popular e-mail platforms. You’ll be able to schedule, track and report the results with ease.

MPI Helps You “Save The Newsletter!”

To further show our commitment to the preservation of this time-honored tradition, MPI will provide your initial design set up – or refresh your current design – free with your one-year commitment. And for you do-it-yourselfers, let us design a new masthead and layout for your ongoing usage. You’ll still be in-house, but will now have a new look that reflects your brand in the most positive way. Whether you mail, insert into statements, e-mail or upload to your website, we’ll work hard to make it easy for you to deliver a quality product, unique to your specific field of membership.

Check out our website for samples and testimonials from our satisfied clients. Then call 888.641.1215 or e-mail strategy@marketingpartners.com to have one of our Marketing Consultants evaluate your goals – just in time for 2013 planning!






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