Media Matters…And Video Rules!

Social media may be growing exponentially, but traditional media channels haven’t lost their appeal. The media spend across industries still includes a mix of print, TV and radio, and outdoor advertising.

In fact, in a recent study, Microsoft Corp. and Omnicom Group, the world’s second largest advertising agency, stated, “there has never been a better time for TV advertising to seize the moment.” The study indicated that most consumers still consider TV to be a strong force as a medium and want advertisers to continue to produce great ads for it.¹

Maximizing Video Use

Although there are more channels than ever before, programming has become so specialized that advertisers can target an audience with exacting precision. Marketers who plan ahead create multiple uses for their media elements and place their message where the most qualified customers will find them. A 30-second video produced for traditional outlets can be reformatted and used on a website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, or even embedded in an e-mail message. This mix of traditional and social channels can improve reach and contribute to a higher return on investment.

Media For Brand Awareness

Recently, MPI produced a 15-, 30- and 60- second video for a credit union client in New York City. They wanted to improve brand awareness of the credit union and build the concept that they have been helping New Yorkers achieve the American Dream as a safe, reliable, honest and trustworthy financial institution. We feel our collaborative efforts achieved just that. (Click here to view.)

Achieve Your Goals Within A Budget

Video production does not have to weigh down your budget. While the above sample was produced using multiple elements, other credit unions we have worked with used storyboards and voice-overs and licensed video to accomplish similar sales goals with smaller budgets. One client reported $1.5 million dollars in new loans and an increase of $660,000 from the comparative 2-month period of last year when their media was not in place. The ROI on projects like these proves their worth!

From concept to storyboard to finished production and distribution, MPI can deliver your message with creative flair. You will be making an impact in no time – online, on the air… everywhere! Learn more.




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