MPI Provides Marketing Consultation Services When Needed

ManagersWantAdAs with many industries, some credit unions are feeling the constraints that come with lower profit margins. Consequently, departments across the board – particularly Marketing Departments – have had to make dramatic cutbacks. Just when the demand for creative marketing strategy is most needed, these departments have fewer resources than ever, leaving decision makers wondering where to turn.

For years, Marketing Partners Inc. has been providing á la carte services for credit unions that find themselves in need of expertise, but not another marketing employee. We’ve assisted during periods of time when personnel changes created a gap between hires. We’ve joined in on planning meetings providing guidance, and written countless marketing plans for credit unions that needed a precision month-by-month calendar. When a marketing need arose, we’ve been there, whichever way made sense to the project.

You, too, can have access to marketing experts who can run with an assignment, but don’t require a 40-hour week, benefits or payroll taxes. We come prepared to contribute to your efforts – right out of the box, ready to either assist or take the lead.

Our consultants will help YOU get MORE done!

Whether it’s strategy planning for a new goal or adding just a few more hours to your marketing team, the consultants at MPI have years of marketing and sales experience to help you get the job done!

Here’s a sampling of what you can expect:

  • Project and program planning
  • Project follow up and ROI calculations
  • Daily social media updates and monitoring
  • Weekly or monthly website review
  • Copywriting assistance
  • Budgeting
  • MCIF assistance
  • Content creation for websites
  • Custom Social Media Pages and Graphics
  • Content creation for blogging

MPI can turn your marketing problems into solutions. Call for a free assessment to see how an independent marketing expert can benefit you and your team. Contact us at 888.641.1215 or e-mail us today to get the marketing help you need!


Making offers for goods and services is only half the story. Marketing is about communication. Get directions before your message gets lost. We have your coordinates.



“Who am I?” – not a question to be taken for granted. A business’ identity is its essence, yet needs to evolve in order to stay relevant.



Navigable website designs and web services are critical for growth and future potential. By the way, how’s your Mobile Website these days?



Brick and mortar locations can be transformed to reflect success, stability, strength, and attract new customers, as well. Remodel or build new, we have the skills!