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The Year Of Housing Opportunity Is Here

After President Obama’s State of the Union Address in
January, the Secretary of the Department of Housing and
Urban Development, Julian Castro, called 2015 “the year
of housing opportunity.” The National Association of Home
Builders also predicted that the year would bring a 26%
increase in new single-family housing starts. Part of this
was due to the announcement of a reduction in federally
issued mortgage insurance premiums that could make home
ownership more affordable to millions of Americans over the
next several years, especially those who refinance existing
FHA-backed mortgages.

All of this comes at a time when rent
prices have been driven higher. In fact,
according to Bloomburg Businessweek,
rent has increased faster than wages in
all of America’s largest rental markets.
With that, interest rates remain low and
look to remain that way through the year,
making potential mortgages as affordable
as current rents for millennials and others
looking to make the move.

Rental vs. Ownership – A Debate For Mortgage Consultants


  • Homeowners don’t have to worry about a
    spike in rents
  • Potential rise in property and home
    values – earn on your investment
  • Prices are still low in many markets
    following the recession
  • Potential tax deductions for homeowners


  • Don’t have to worry about
    spending money on fixes
  • Can be cheaper in certain markets
  • Don’t have to pay property taxes
  • Have the ability to move when you
    want or need to

Host A Home Buying Seminar To Extend Your Reach

Hosting a home buying seminar is a great way to get potential buyers into the market. It’s a chance to inform them of what is to come during the process – from pre-approvals to finding a realtor and closing the deal. Being a host of a seminar gets you seen as a trusted professional and also helps turn curious members into mortgage opportunities. Start by showing current renters how they can become homeowners by giving them tools to help ease their minds and make sound decisions. Have mortgage calculators, comparison information, access to home industry professionals and other resources available to answer their most pressing questions.





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