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5 Best Practices To Get People To Switch Their Checking Accounts

buttonCredit union marketers know that getting more checking account customers through the door, whether from your current membership or by recruiting new members, can help build loyalty and create new streams of revenue. But creating an effective switch campaign for those who are doing their checking business at other banks can be tricky.

A recent study by, which took consumer surveys between 2012 and 2014, found that the number of people without a checking account has grown over the past few years. The most recent survey conducted in April 2014 tallied 20% of the respondents say they’re in the market for a new account because they’re paying too much in fees. Clearly, people are fed up with their banks and are looking for alternatives.

Creating an effective “switch” marketing campaign involves reaching potential consumers at multiple touch points. Follow these best practices to help achieve success:

  1. Create an urgency – Whether it’s to get people to stop paying useless bank fees, showing that they could earn dividends rather than pay fees, or noting that they’re just back from summer vacation and it’s a good time to get their finances in order, you must give them a reason that your checking is better than their current account.

  2. Give them incentive – People want money_ribbonto be rewarded, especially when they do something as important as opening an account or changing banks. Offering bonus money for direct deposit, giving free gifts, or providing free checking and dividends on their deposits can all give people a great reason to switch. The FindABetterBank study found that one in five shoppers didn’t have a checking account. A good incentive can help in your favor.

  3. Craft the right message – There’s a fine line between
    informative and boring, or interesting and relevant. You have
    to be able to capture the attention of your members and
    potential membership without either boring or offending them.
    Your message to encourage them to switch to a checking
    account at your institution should be positive, compelling,
    and attention-grabbing, and it should do so at multiple touch
    points through multiple media forms, to speak to the broad
    demographic your membership base represents.

  4. Make switching easy – People are wary to switch, so
    don’t put a ton of paperwork in front of them and a lot of
    obstacles in their way. Make the process smooth and easy.
    Put together a switch kit or make it so they have to put forth
    the least amount of effort to open their checking account with you.

  5. Continue to offer great customer service to keep them happy – Once you have them, don’t lose them. Make sure they
    stay active and informed through emails, newsletters, social
    media, and information about great member conveniences and
    bonuses. Effortless shopping experiences, easy access to location
    information, very visible phone numbers, and live chat options also
    help win over these newly minted checking consumers.




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